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Traits of a Healthy Family

The healthy family communicates and listens.
The healthy family affirms and supports.
The healthy family teaches respect for others.
The healthy family develops a sense of trust.
The healthy family has a sense of play and humor.
The healthy family shares responsibility.
The healthy family teaches right and wrong.
The healthy family has a strong sense of family with many traditions.
The healthy family has a balance of interaction.
The healthy family respects the privacy of one another.
The healthy family has a shared religious core.
The healthy family values service to others.
The healthy family fosters family table time and conversation.
The healthy family shares leisure time.
The healthy family admits to problems and seeks help.



Harmony House is a program offered in a comfortable environment that provides a safe, structured and neutral alternative to unsupervised visitation.  The visitation rooms are warm, friendly atmospheres where children of any age may visit with their non-custodial parent or transition from one parent to the other for visitation.  Harmony House was created to assist children who are caught in the middle of a situation which is beyond their control.  The need for supervised visitation or exchanges may be due to issues related to divorce or separation, child abuse, domestic violence, restraining orders between parties, threats, or other safety concerns where a neutral setting would increase a family's level of comfort and safety.

What Services Does Harmony House Provide?
Supervised Visitation:  Visits are held at Harmony House.  They last one to two hours at a time and are monitored by visitation staff who observe the visit, record activities, and intervene, if necessary, for the emotional or physical safety of the child.  Harmony House has a variety of toys, games and activities for families.

Supervised Exchanges:  Exchanges are for parents who are not required to have supervision while visiting their children, but need to be able to make the exchange without interacting with the other parent.  A staff person monitors the exchange.

How Are Families Referred?
Families may call or be referred by the courts or professionals to Open Arms.  Each party must go through an intake prior to scheduling services.

When Is Harmony House Open?
Visitations and exchanges are generally scheduled on Wednesday and Friday evenings, and on Sunday afternoon and evening.  Harmony House staff will do all scheduling of visitations and exchanges with input from the parties.  All visits are scheduled in advance.  For safety reasons, we request that contact with Harmony House be by appointment only.

How Much Does It Cost?
There is a fee of $30 for the initial intake and then a fee of $15 a parent per exchange and $25 per hour for visitation.  Fee adjustments are available.