24-HOUR CRISIS HOTLINE: 419.422.4766

Open Arms Domestic Violence & Rape Crisis Services




Mission of Open Arms
Serving individuals affected by domestic violence and sexual assault through crisis intervention, emergency shelter, outreach, advocacy, prevention and education.

How We're Serving Our Community

  •  Crisis Intervention Shelter, opened in 1981, provides immediate and temporary emergency shelter for victims and their children.
  •  Outreach Program, began in 1983, 24-hour crisis hotline, advocacy, support and education for those needing non-shelter assistance.
  •  Rape Crisis Program, began in 1987, providing medical and legal accompaniment, individual and group support, and education/awareness presentations.
  •  Violence Recovery Project, began in 1989, a one year program for offenders of domestic violence; attendance is voluntary or by court order.
  •  Children's Program, began in 1990, provides a variety of supports for children participating in the residential and/or outreach programs.
  •  Harmony House, began in 1999, allows parents to exchange/visit their children while avoiding contact with each other, eliminating exposure to potential violence.

Services Provided by Open Arms in 2017

  • Provided emergency shelter to 62 adults and children.
  • Served 1,334 individuals in our Rape Crisis Program through emergency room visits, individual support, crisis calls and prevention presentations.
  • Reached out to 159 children in Hancock County through our Child Advocacy Program.
  • Provided assistance to 134 individuals in our Violence Recovery Project for offenders.
  • 1,599 adults participated in our Outreach Program, including support group, individual support, legal advocacy, and emergency room visits.
  • Received 514 crisis calls on our 24-hour crisis hotline.
  • Reached out to approximately 11,808 people in Hancock County.  Through group presentations and our community education, prevention and awareness efforts.
  • Provided 1,086 visits and 128 exchanges through our Harmony House program to 241 adults and 115 children.

Structure of Open Arms
11 full-time and 11 part-time employees

A 14 member Board of Directors representing area businesses, human/social service agencies, government and community governs the agency
Diverse active volunteer opportunities exist, saving the organization nearly $30,000 annually
Two facilities: the Shelter which is confidential and the Outreach/Administrative office which is a public facility located at 401 W. Sandusky Street, Findlay, Ohio.